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Bronies already made NSFW pictures of Stellar Eclipse, even though Sylvain Portelance, the OC’s creator and VA who has spinal muscular atrophy, and his mother asked people not to do so.

Also, apparently putting that OC on the show, even though it was a simple request from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, is “political bullshit” and has no place in MLP.

I know I usually don’t post such negative stuff on this blog, but holy shit.


destroy bronies


After a long hiatus, the Monster Boy webcomic will resume updating on its third anniversary: April 30 2014!

Please note: the comic is now being hosted on a new domain name: Unfortunately (oddly), the original domain name,, is now being used by another company to redirect to an audiobook site. If you’d rather read a comic than listen to an audiobook, please do remember those two extra dashes!

This new domain name was set up very recently and isn’t yet fully functioning, so for now, the comic can still be accessed using this domain. I will post another update to let you all know when the new domain is up and running properly. Sorry about that!

I am planning to host a brief LiveStream on April 30 to discuss the comic’s future in detail. Times are TBC and will be announced later. (Needless to say, I’ll also post anything important I have to say regarding the comic online. So if you can’t make it for the LS, you won’t miss the details.)

Thank you all very much for your patience. I hope you enjoy the story!


I really enjoyed the logo of the Council of Ricks, so I decided to render the badge its enforcers wore. Close Encounters was such a good episode, guys!

I am printing this design, since it’s simple and small enough that it won’t eat up too many resources. Also, the badge the show’s creators received at their party looked neat enough for me to want a cheap knockoff.

I used this vector of the badge by stewartisme as a base.

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